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We're developing technology to simplify Medicare and help seniors optimize their healthcare and finances. Our concept is simple - It should be as easy to find a Medicare plan as it is to buy a plane ticket. Forget the confusing brochures, boring seminars, and pushy sales calls. Seniors want to make informed decisions about their own healthcare, not be handicapped by bureaucratic rules that limit their choices. Our technology empowers seniors to quickly and easily find the Medicare plan that best meets their individual health and financial needs.
Better Education

No more confusing printed brochures or boring seminars. Our online education helps new & experienced users to quickly learn about Medicare, understand their benefits & options, & specify the steps to follow to ensure maximum health coverage.

Plan Directory

Our online directory is intuitive and easy to use. Find the best plan for your needs and on your terms. See all the Medicare plans in your area. Easily compare the costs & benefits of plan combinations. Understand the real costs and benefits of each plan.

Smart Calculator

Choosing the best Medicare plan often requires that you correctly anticipate your future health needs. Our Health Calculator helps you to predict your likely health needs so you can correlate your coverage, prescriptions, and doctors. Explore different plan combinations to maximize coverage and minimize out-of-pocket expenses.

My Health Data

Take control of your own healthcare. Manage your healthcare & prescriptions. Ensure that your doctors accept your Medicare plan. Understand plan changes. Make better choices during annual enrollment. Easy to use, secure, & accessible anywhere.

About US

Medicare Pathfinder is a healthcare technology firm located in the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech’s Technology Square.
We create innovative solutions to complex problems by combining technology, customer design and lean strategy.
Our goal is to help seniors optimize their Medicare choices.

Medicare is one of the biggest challenges facing American society and every senior is concerned about ensuring their personal finances and healthcare. We're developing technology to help seniors navigate the Medicare maze and select the Medicare plan that best meets their individual health and financial needs. By helping individual seniors to make better healthcare choices, we can improve Medicare for all Americans.

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Projected Medicare Enrollment Increase Over The Next 17 Years


Percentage of seniors who stay with the same Medicare plan each year even though they could save on average $600 by switching plans.


Increased enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans from private insurers since 2004.


Number of Medicare Enrollees actively considering switching their plan

Our Team

Scott Cadora
Founder & CEO

Scott is a serial entrepreneur, having founded three technology and professional service companies. He earned degrees in management & international affairs at Georgia Tech and an MBA at Duke University. He is an expert in lean startup methodology, business development, operations & strategy.

Daniel Rice
Co-Founder & CTO

Daniel hails from a consulting background, a field always in search of better tools and improved solutions. His quest for smarter, faster, and better solutions kept him searching, growing, and learning, eventually leading him here. He earned his degree from Georgia Tech and is an expert in Web Application Development, Agile Project Management, & bootstrapping Start-ups.



Built from the ground up with you in mind.
Simple, Intuitive Interface

Our human-centered design has an innovative interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

Comprehensive Plan Directory

See all the Medicare plans in your area without being overwhelmed. Mix and match plans to maximize coverage and minimize cost.

Shop On Your Terms

Shop for a Medicare plan on your terms & timeframe. Understand your options. No fuss, no pressure. Speak with a licensed insurance agent only when you are ready to do so.

Easy Explanations

Understand the costs & benefits of each Medicare plan including premiums, co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs.

Visualize & Understand Changes

Understand changes to your current plan during annual enrollment. Compare it with others to ensure you have the best coverage and value available.

Plan Filters

Filter plans by multiple criteria including premiums, out-of-pocket costs, doctors, hospitals & quality ratings.

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